Lahore Administration

Under the latest revision of Pakistan's Administrative Structure, promulgated in 2001, Lahore was tagged as a City District, and divided into nine towns. Each town in turn consists of a group of union councils (U.C.'s).

Administrative towns of Lahore

Ravi Town
Shalimar Town
Wagah Town
Aziz Bhatti Town
New Muslim Town
Data Gunj Bakhsh Town
Samanabad Town
Iqbal Town
Nishtar Town

A. Lahore Cantonment

Lahore Cantonment, also known as Lahore Cantt, is located in the eastern part of Lahore, Pakistan. It is an open, green place compared to the rest of the Lahore. Pakistan's army has maintained its setup in Lahore by deploying two of its divisions in Lahore Cantonment, namely the 10th and 11th Divisions. The Headquarters of 4 Corps and the Allama Iqbal International Airport are also located in the Lahore Cantonment.