Mayo Hospital

The hospital building was completed in 1870 and it started functioning in 1871. The hospital is named after the then Viceroy of the South Asia, the “Earl of Mayo”. The architecture of the hospital is Italian, designed by Pudon and engineered by Rai Bahadur Kanahya, one of the leading architects of that time. However the architectural influence seems to be from medieval hospitals built in Dark Ages. The additions between 1960 and early 1980 were designed by A. R. Hye.

The hospital buildings were built in the following order:

  • Main Building of Mayo Hospital (Now inpatient department) in 1871

  • AVH (Private) Block in 1891

  • Out Patient Department in 1952

  • Pediatrics Ward in 1974

  • Institute of Ophthalmology in 1982

  • Accident Emergency Block & Pediatric Surgery Block (Present)in 1984

  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2001

Development is actively taking place and new buildings like "Surgical Tower" to meet the demands of the patients is being constructed.