Despite being tiny and freakishly clean, Lahore is one of the most festive, thriving, recreation and killer bargains in Pakistan. Lahore has several unique places for shopping. Shah Alam Market, Rung Mehal and manay others are wholesale markets of Lahore where one can purchase almost anything. Many streets are entirely devoted to selling one particular type of merchandise. The nearby Hall Road is famous for its counterfeit electronic goods and media, Urdu Bazar for its large number of bookstores. Anarkali Bazar is one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, dating back at least 200 years. It is located on the Mall Road. Anarkali Bazar is divided into two portions, the Old Anarkali Bazar and the New Anarkali Bazar. The Old Anarkali Bazar is famous for traditional food items while the New Anarakli Bazar is famous for its traditional handicraft and embroidery cloths. Babar Handicraft and Gift Centre is the oldest shop located at 110 New Anarkali. It is famous for its quality of hand made products.