Interview of Miss Chit Chat

First of all I would like to introduce Miss Chit Chat to you. Chatter must know very well about her because in the world of chatting she is very famous .  Before I got the chance to her take interview, I went to her and she warmly welcomed me and I thanked her for ther warm reception.

Then interview started

Me: What is your Full name?

Chit Chat: Miss Chit Chat

Me: For how long you have been chatting?

Chit Chat: When there was no one to chat

Me: Surprisingly asked, pioneer in the world of chat!

Chit Chat: I don't know

Me: Miss, we are really proud of you being legend in the world of chat.

Chit Chat: My pleasure

Me: Many people say that you have great capability to provide energy booster through your chat to others

Chit Chat: I don't have any idea about it

Me: Then, its your greatness!

Chit Chat: Thank you but I am not great

Me: A person came to me who was your great fan n appreaciated a lot about your chatting style. He said that Miss Chit Chat changed his life through her chatting style. Many people chat but her style is unique and different from all.

Chit Chat: Really

Me: Yes, he also added that for the last 11 years he has been leading the same routine life but after chatting with you, he found great changes took place in his life. He felt  great exitment, sensation, energy and to understand his own emotions. Is it true?

Chit Chat: Yes, he often said so but I didn't believe him. How that's possible that through chatting one person can be changed within 151 days.

Me: Miss, he has admitted in front of media. 

Chit Chat: oh really!

Me: Yes

Me: He also added that all your greetings, offline chat and online chat has been cause to providing him energy and oxygen. Is it true?

Chit Chat: I don't have any idea, but I always ask him that I am a common girl and let me live on earth but doesn't agree on my argument. 

Me: Miss, he is very inspired by you. He admitted that you taught him how to chat, otherwish he could chat no more than half an hour.

Chit Chat: Really

Me: Yes, He motivated me a great deal to take your interview and once this interview is onair, you will become a great celebrity because he has given you many titles like Miss Incredible, Miss energy and so on

Chit Chat: oh really! He really deserved thanks from my side and also very grateful for you to take my interview on his behalf

Me: Thanks a lot Miss for giving me your precious time.

Chit Chat: Thank you once more