Government College University Building

Built during the colonial era, the architectural style, known to be the Celestial Gothic, best suited the academic building. Government College University (GCU) Lahore is considered to be one of the most majestic buildings in the sub-continent. (Citation needed) Reflecting the neo gothic tradition, the building imparts the grandeur and mannerism that adapts the climatic and environmental requirements in the form of its wide verandahs and high ceilings. Further scale and grandeur is added to the building by placing it on the highest level of its contoured site. Sprawling lawns combined with an intricate landscape are the integral parts of GCU's overall perception. Not only did the architect design a majestic building but also complemented this grandeur with the openness of its grand lawn, the "Oval Ground" of the University Campus.

  • The Main Hall - The most prominent part of the building is the Main Hall (now called Dr. Abdus Salam Hall). It consists of a central nave and aisles running along the 4 sides. The nave has double height. The 4 aisles are double storied and they form a gallery on the upper floor. The main conical-type clock tower at the facade is square at the base. The first two stories are square and a squinch arch is placed to convert the square plan into octagon. The first two stories are followed by two stories of octagonal plan with arched openings and triangular projections.

  • Postgraduate block - Next to Bokhari Auditorium (named after PatrasBokhari) is the postgraduate block. This block was constructed to meet the needs of the increasing number of students. The foundation stone was laid in 1993 and the building was completed in June 1999. This building has 4 floors and includes a basement that houses the postgraduate library.

  • Chemistry block - The chemistry block and the science block are among the later additions. Both these buildings are situated to the East of the main building. The chemistry block is an extension of GCU's main building with exterior Gothic features. The building rises up to 2 floors only. Buttresses and four centred pointed arches are used to increase the height of the building.

  • Science Block - The science block is a much earlier addition than the chemistry block and was constructed mainly for utility purpose. Apart from the brick facing the only element taken from the main building is the use of Gothic arches in the verandahs.