Lahore Railway Station


The Lahore Railway Station in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan was built by the British colonists. It is representative of typical grand British architecture in South Asia during the British Raj. The railway network established by the British was very extensive and is one of their lasting contributions to the culture and infrastructure of this region.

The railway station has 11 platforms (1 to 9, with 2 extra platforms, 3A and 6A). Platform No. 1 has a special importance, as this platform is the destination of "Samjhota Express", the train service between Pakistan and India. The same train also leaves for India from the same platform.

Lahore railway station was built by British Govt. The construction contract was given to Main Mohammad Sultan Chagatai, a formal prince of Royal Mughal Empire (Mohd. Sultan, The owner of many "SARAY" (hotel); built in every big city on grant trunk road, "SARAY" Sultan Peshawar, Lahore, Delhi and so on; The front portion was disliked by the govt.( as seen in older photographs) was rebuilt by Sultan Mohd. from his own pocket in the form of other railway stations it is not good.